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Our recent open access publication (Human Brain Mapping journal) on predisposition to anaesthesia resistance was covered by over 20 news outlets, in English, German, Spanish and French. Read the press release and coverage in the Irish Examiner (January 2023) and several international science publications, for example Newswire and Medical Xpress,  as well as mainstream international publications, such as the German news magazine Focus. The study was covered in the Irish Examiner and over 20 international news outlets, in English, German, Spanish and French.


Featured in Anesthesiology News, the most widely read publication for the specialty for the last 25 years, delivered to all 56,181 anesthesiologists and anesthesiology residents in the United States.

Read our work coverage in the Irish Times (March 2021). "Does the key to consciousness lie within our brains?" Resoundingly, we believe so!

Our work is featured as one of the 12 best research profiles at Trinity College Dublin in the 2019, in the Trinity College Provost's Review (December 2019).

Our new paper in Nature Communications is highlighted by Trinity College Dublin News and Events (November 2019)

Our work is highlighted in the Annual Review of the Governing Board of the Global Brain Health Institute (October 2019).

Our new paper in Scientific Reports ( was covered in the Déise Today | WLR radio show, Silicon Republic, and Irish Daily Mail, among other media (December 2018). Coverage by Trinity College Dublin News and Events here.

Dr. Naci’s work is featured on Wikipedia by the Permanent Canadian Mission to UNESCO, as part of their wider efforts to promote the visibility of outstanding women scientists. Of nearly six million English articles on Wikipedia, fewer than 20% of profiles are about women (July 2018).

Dr. Naci and colleagues were awarded the Global Brain Health Institute Project Grant to change the dementia narratives and associated stigma through art and creative processes (June 2018).

Dr. Naci speaks with Bob McDonald of Canada’s Quirks and Quarks about using narratives to understand human conscious experience in non-responsive patients thought to unconscious, whether in a vegetative state, a coma, or those waking up under general anesthesia during surgery, and parallels of my work to storytelling rituals in remote Filipino hunter-gather societies (December 2017).

Dr. Naci was awarded Trinity College Provost’s Scholarship Grant and will be hiring a new PhD student for a 4-year project, starting from September 2018.

Dr. Naci was awarded the Global Brain Health Institute Project Grant to develop early biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease in midlife, asymptomatic individuals at high-risk for developing Alzheimer’s.

Our paper on using neuroscience to prevent accidental awareness in anesthesia was covered on the front page the National Post of Canada (November 2017), and several radio shows, including the Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver – November 14, 2017:; ‘Canada Now’ on SiriusXM Canada Talks – November 14, 2017; Western News – November 30, 2017:

Dr. Naci’s research features in Canada’s Globe and Mail (July 2017).

Dr. Naci’s work is featured on the yearly newsletter of the School of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin (June 2017).


Dr. Naci speaks about the science of consciousness with Quebec’s Curium Magazine (June 2017)


Dr. Naci speaks about consciousness and encouraging young girls to pursue science careers with Marie Clare magazine (May 2017).


Read Dr. Naci’s interview with (March 2017)


Dr. Naci will receive the L’Oréal-Unesco for Women in Science International Rising Talents award in Paris, France, on March 23rd. View CTV’s interview (March 2017).


Listen to Dr. Naci’s interview on the BBC’s Radio 4 (March 2017).


Dr. Naci’s research is the leading feature on Canada Excellence Research Chairs‘ bulletin (Feb 2017).

Listen to Dr. Naci’s interview with the BBC World Service Witness Program on Albania’s ’97 pyramid schemes collapse and ensuing civil war (Jan 2017).


Dr. Naci will move to an Assistant Professor position at the Trinity College DublinGlobal Brain Health Institute, and School of Psychology from May 2017.


Dr. Naci was awarded the L’Oréal Canada for Women in Science Research Excellence Fellowship, with the support of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, in Ottawa, Canada (Nov 2016). Read more.


Dr. Naci speaks with Neurology Today (October 2016) on the replication crisis in neuroimaging research. Read more here. Read more.

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